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Nespresso Pixie Review

Nespresso Pixie Espresso MakerWhen you hear the word “Pixie,” you generally think of something small and maybe quiet, and that’s exactly the image you should be getting with the Nespresso Pixie espresso machine with an additional milk frother. This compact and ultra-quiet unit takes Nespresso coffee capsules. That means no fussing with tamping grounds or cleaning up—just a fresh, tasty espresso shot in about 30 seconds. Plus, it gives you the super-creamy milk froth that you love from cafes, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Retailing at just $200, this is a must-have for all espresso, cappuccino and latte lovers alike—you can froth and whip your milk hot or cold, in any sized cup, at any time you want. It truly is the king of all milk frothers, even if it is named Pixie.

The entire concept surrounding the Nespresso Pixie seems to be remaining as invisible and hassle-free as possible, with its compact footprint, super-quiet operation and simple to clean up aftermath thanks to the use of Nestle coffee capsules. And with the add-on Aeroccino, you can create the lightest or creamiest froth you’ve ever tasted simply by pouring in hot or cold fresh skim milk and pressing a single button. That’s it—the Nespresso Pixie Aeroccino does all the rest of the work for you, giving you a an instant shot of espresso with quality milk froth worthy of any coffeehouse.

The unit itself is a chrome-plated mug with non-stick coating on the inside. The capsule works like any other coffee pod machine so it is simple to use. The mug is placed on the plug-in base and the frother attachment spins inside of the mug. As the base heats up the bottom of the mug, the froth can be temperature controlled, meaning you can start with either hot, warm or cold milk depending on the type of drink you are making. Simply fill the cup with the amount of milk you desire, push the button and in about a minute, you’ll be all set to drink your delicious espresso, cappuccino, latte, caffe or any other drink you desire frothed, whipped milk on top of. Best of all? The Pixie is almost 100% silent when it operates!

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Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker Features

Here are some of the features that will make you fall in love with the Nespresso Pixie:

Super-Stylish and Compact. Ergonomically designed to take up less space on your counter and look stylish while doing so. Perfect for apartments with limited countertop space or storage space.

Fully Automatic Brewing. You don’t have to do anything else here aside from stick a coffee capsule in and select the size of your cup. Press the button and get a perfect cup of your favorite beverage, brewed to perfection every single time. Each capsule costs about $0.55—not a bad price for a fresh espresso!

Milk Frother. Get the perfect foam for your hot beverage using hot, warm or cold milk, with the touch of a button. The Aeroccino Plus is an additional option offered from Amazon and comes with two whisk attachments and an auto-shut off for safety.

16 Nespresso Capsules Included. The Pixie Aeroccino works only with Nespresso premium coffee capsules, the first 16 of which are included. This helps preserve freshness, lock in flavor and keep spills and messes from happening. There are 30 different premium quality blends to choose from, though!

Three Shot Size Selector. For espressos, use the two buttons on top of the Pixie from Nespresso to choose a 1 oz, 2 oz or 3 oz shot of espresso.

Fast. In just 25 seconds, the single-cup heats up and you’re ready to get your morning started, much faster than most other comparable single-cup units out there.

19-Bar-Pressure Pump. Get maximum flavor extraction with this powerful pressure pump while selecting your brew duration to get the perfect strength for your tastes.

Thermoblock Technology. This ensures that you get the precise temperature with each and every cup you brew and froth you whip up.

Other Features. Internal holder where 10 spent capsules are automatically ejected and collected after use; water tank is removable for easy filling and cleaning; flip-up drip tray to accommodate larger cups; backlit buttons for ease of use; auto-shut off in nine minutes.

What Do Owners Like About the Nespresso Pixie with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother?

Here’s what users love about the Nespresso Pixie:

1. Simple Design. Super-simple to use. Just press the button once for hot milk or hold down two seconds for cold. Instant brew. All one-touch button technology.

2. Hot or Cold Frothing. Not many espresso makers have this capability, especially at this price point.

What Could Be Better About the Pixie Espresso Machine?

Users found the following to be true about the Pixie as well:

1. Frother Doesn’t Come with Some Models. By default, the Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother doesn’t come with the Nespresso Pixie, but you can buy them together on Amazon.

2. Can’t Use Own Blend. While Nestle does make 30 premium blends, that’s all you have to choose from. You can’t make your own blend.

3. Care and Maintenance. Since all the electric elements and components are on the bottom, it takes a lot longer to clean and the process is more labor intensive and demanding.

4. Single-Cup. Only makes one cup at a time.

Who Should Buy The Pixie Aeroccino Plus?

If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy instant, fresh, foamy froth in your lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and caffes, but don’t want to spend a ton on a top of the line espresso machine, Nespresso Pixie is the way to go—especially if you are just looking to make single cups. Imagine a shot of espresso in just 30 seconds with no cleanup! That’s the power of the Pixie.

Who Should Not Buy The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine?

If you want the full espresso making experience or absolutely need to make more than one cup at a time, you’re better off going with a unit that has a faster reload time or a semi-automatic. If you want to use your own coffee grounds, beans and blend, this is certainly not the espresso machine for you.

Nespresso Pixie with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Review—The Bottom Line

This espresso maker is super easy to use, makes amazing froth and brews a fast cup of your favorite Nespresso in under a minute. Plus, at this price, it’s a steal. Click here right now to get your Nespresso Pixie with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother.

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