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Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT Review

The Good: A huge step in the tech direction, yet still simple to use. Comes with fully operational, full-color Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) display front screen, six pre-programmed drinks one-touch espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, all types of coffee, frothed milk or hot water options. Super-fast and ultra-quiet.

The Bad: This is the Espresso machine of the future and you know what that means—it has everything, including a price tag of about $3,500. Other than that, it’s limited time on the market might keep away all but early adopters, tech junkies and diehard espresso and coffee enthusiasts. If you’re on the edge about this, consider monitoring this review for updates as time passes.

The Bottom Line: All early indicators point to this being the espresso machine that takes all of the awards home this year. The best super-automatic espresso machine without fail, this takes the cake with all of the bells and whistles, cool gadgets, helpful buttons, simple yet elegant technology and most all, the ability to make espresso the way it is supposed to be made in Italy.

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Jura Impressa Z9 Review

Jura Impressa Z9 one touch tft espresso machineIt had to happen sooner or later. Some company had to take the next step forward in engineering the future of espresso machines—Jura has certainly thrown the gauntlet down with their Impressa Z9. This is the highlight of Swiss engineering, taking a classic Italian concept, strapping it to a time machine and blasting it into the future. The main ingredient for tech junkies here is the full-color Thin-Film-Transistor display screen, otherwise known as the TFT.

Without going into a bunch of techy details, what you need to know about the TFT is that it takes all of the complications and guesswork out of making your favorite drinks, giving you one-touch options for whatever your heart desires. It is quick, intuitive—essentially the first “smart” espresso machine. The display shows the preset options that you can fully customize (or use the stock), 11 in total, six at a time. Simply press the button on the ultra-clear touch screen display and set the inner workings abuzz with zero delay.

Here’s the part where the espresso enthusiasts start drooling as much as the techies. As soon as you press the display icon, dual thermoblock boilers simultaneously steam and brew your chosen beverage, giving you the perfect portion, strength and temperature each and every time. There are so many safe guides and limiters inside of the Z9, it is impossible to brew a bad espresso, cup of coffee, latte, etc.

You also get Jura’s classic Aroma+ built-in grinder (from the Impressa F7), giving you the quietest, fastest grind in all of home machines, thanks to the grind chamber’s uniquely placed angle. When the grounds are ready to hit the thermoblock, it goes through a 15 BAR high-performance pump first, which is why you can make everything from ristretto to caffe creama. Plus, choose between 5 and 16 grams while adjusting your coffee strength and temperature through pre-programming or real-time programming for all of your different moods.

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What Makes the Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT Super Automatic Coffee Center Stand Out?

Other than its super-sweet touch screen and amazing functionality, design and output, what else is going on with the Jura Impressa Z9 that is making it such a hot seller early on?

  • You can personalize all of the drink names to reflect whose favorite drink it is. Perfect for large families or small offices where people like different beverages.
  • The Magic P Button is the one-touch customization button that you’ll wish every “smart” device had. So simple to use that you might get mad at your other devices which make you go through screen after screen just to change a name or functionality.
  • Three energy saving modes allow you to be eco-friendly in different levels of operation.
  • “Clean the milk system” reminders happen after every milk-based drink is made so that cross contamination doesn’t occur. To clean, simply press a button on the rotary dial and the self-cleaning cycle begins.
  • Have you ever held a cup under the wrong spout? The cup illumination system shines a white or amber light on the spout so that you know where your beverage is coming from, thus preventing big messes.
  • A 96 ounce water reservoir that is removable means less refills and more uninterrupted caffeine making!
  • Two different chambers froth the milk two times to ensure the ultimate silky texture in your froth (Fine Foam Technology). Then, adjust your foam level for low or maximum foam to your heart’s desire.
  • Classic Jura features also included: auto rinse and clean, adjustable height, volume settings, specialty drinks, etc.

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